Club Records

Club Records or club best performance based on known information

Time Trialling – Open Events

Distance Time / Distance Event Name Cat Date
10m 19:30 VTTA      E2/10 Matt O’Brien Men 12/07/2018
25m 00:49:10 VC Norwich B25/8 Matt O’Brien Men 12/05/2018
30m 1:05:59 Leo RC E2/30C Chris Tye Men 07/10/2017
50m 01:53:20 CC Breckland B50/18 Chris Tye Men 01/09/2018
100m 03:58:30 EDCA Championship Chris Tye Men 16/07/2017
12hour 255.14 CC Breckland/ EDCA Champs Chris Tye Men 04/08/2018
10m 00:24:29 VTT (EA) B10/36R Davina Greenwell Women 21/04/2019
25m 01:09:24 Godric CC B25/24 Vivienne Broughton Women 01/08/2004
50m 2.33.11 CC Breckland B50/18 Vivienne Broughton Women 20/05/2001
10m 26:52:00 GHS National Final Rebecca Figgitt Youth Female 07/09/2003
10m 22:24 Norwich ABC Lyster Romero Youth Male 03/10/2015
10m 25:09:00 GHS East DC Heat B10/43 Jack Hardwicke Junior Male 06/07/2013
25m 01:01:33 Plomesgate CC B25/2 Lyster Romero Junior Male 06/06/2015
10m 20:28 Norwich CA Tandem B10/44 Pete Whelan/Trevor Figgitt Male Tandem 29/05/1999
10m 22:00 Anglia Velo B10/34 Trevor Figgitt/ Rebecca Figgitt Mixed Tandem 14/06/2003

Time Trialling – Club Events

Distance Time Name Cat Date
5m  10:26 Matt O’Brien Male  26/07/2018
5m  13:15 Aimee Canham Women  13/08/2015
5m  10:50  Lyster Romero Junior Male  14/07/2016
5m 11:26  Lyster Romero Youth Male  27/08/2015
10m 21:43 Matt O’Brien Male 12/05/2018
10m 27:27 Kirstin Hamilton Women 25/04/2019
10m +6:28 Evert Wijnberg Vet on Std 25/08/2011
10m 23:06 Lyster Romero Junior Male 24/06/2016
10m 24:16 Lyster Romero Youth Male 09/07/2015
10m 29:13 Rebecca Figgitt Youth Female 13/06/2002
10m 21:55 Pete Whelan/Trevor Figgitt Male Tandem 06/05/1999

5m TT records from 2014 onwards. We think these are the best times, but  please let us know earlier claims and I’ll update.

Viv and Aimee posted the same time for Women’s Club 10 Record just 13 years apart!

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