12-04-24 Evening TT

Starting the Season with a warm and still evening with a good turn out for the first event. Traffic lights at the roundabout mean the 7.2 mile Wantisden course was used.

With thanks to Bev and Pete Whelan for sign on and time keeping, Daryl Butcher for pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs

DateLengthRiderClubMachine Time
11/04/20247.2Chris ParkerPCCRoad00:18:09
11/04/20247.2Isabelle BrysonPCCRoad00:21:20
11/04/20247.2Andrew HawesPCCRoad00:21:25
11/04/20247.2Adrian McTiguePCCRoad00:22:49
11/04/20247.2Peter WilliamsonPCCRoad00:23:51
11/04/20247.2John VidlerPCCRoad00:29:19
DateLengthRiderClubMachine Time
11/04/20247.2Matt JacobsPCCTT00:16:21
11/04/20247.2Jime HardwickePCCTT00:17:19
11/04/20247.2Ant BirtPCCTT00:17:36
11/04/20247.2Trevor CaleyPCCTT00:18:53
11/04/20247.2Paul BrantPCCTT00:19:29
11/04/20247.2Damon ParkerPCCTT00:20:09
11/04/20247.2Kyle ChurchPCCTT00:20:34
11/04/20247.2Davina GreenwellPCCTTDNF (P)

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