19th May 2022 10 Mile TT

Another warm evening and low winds meant for a good turnout with 19 riders pinning a number to their backs.

thanks to Lloyd Chapman for sign on and finish time keeping, Pete Whelan for start time keeping and to Jim Hardwicke for signs.

From special praise last week to a bike maintenance course this week, sadly Albie Smith punctured and wasn’t able to finish the course. Extra special thanks to Jim Hardwicke for broom wagon duties.

Matt O’BrienTT          21.46 
Stuart FairweatherTT          21.55 
Nick PartridgeTT          22.10 
Pete HurryTT          23.11 
Ant BirtTT          23.28 
Jim HardwickeTT          23.36 
Chris TyeTT          24.36 
Mark HowlettTT          24.58 
Craig StarlingTT          25.38 
Hannah O’BrienTT          25.42 
Oly CooperTT          25.46 
Verity SmithTT          25.48 
Damon ParkerTT          26.06 
Miles BerryTT          26.12 
Andrew HawesRoad          26.36 
Allan McGuireTT          27.37 
Peter WilliamsonTT          29.39 
John VidlerRoad          36.00 
Albie SmithRoadDNF – Puncture

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