Club Records

Club Records or club best performance based on known information

Time Trialling – Open Events

Distance Time / Distance Event Name Cat Date
10m 19:30 VTTA      E2/10 Matt O’Brien Men 12/07/2018
25m 00:49:10 VC Norwich B25/8 Matt O’Brien Men 12/05/2018
30m 1:05:59 Leo RC E2/30C Chris Tye Men 07/10/2017
50m 01:53:20 CC Breckland B50/18 Chris Tye Men 01/09/2018
100m 03:58:30 EDCA Championship Chris Tye Men 16/07/2017
12hour 255.14 CC Breckland/ EDCA Champs Chris Tye Men 04/08/2018
10m 00:24:29 VTT (EA) B10/36R Davina Greenwell Women 21/04/2019
25m 01:09:24 Godric CC B25/24 Vivienne Broughton Women 01/08/2004
50m 2.33.11 CC Breckland B50/18 Vivienne Broughton Women 20/05/2001
10m 26:52:00 GHS National Final Rebecca Figgitt Youth Female 07/09/2003
10m 22:24 Norwich ABC Lyster Romero Youth Male 03/10/2015
10m 25:09:00 GHS East DC Heat B10/43 Jack Hardwicke Junior Male 06/07/2013
25m 01:01:33 Plomesgate CC B25/2 Lyster Romero Junior Male 06/06/2015
10m 20:28 Norwich CA Tandem B10/44 Pete Whelan/Trevor Figgitt Male Tandem 29/05/1999
10m 22:00 Anglia Velo B10/34 Trevor Figgitt/ Rebecca Figgitt Mixed Tandem 14/06/2003

Time Trialling – Club Events

Distance Time Name Cat Date
5m  10:26 Matt O’Brien Male  26/07/2018
5m  13:15 Aimee Canham Women  13/08/2015
5m  10:50  Lyster Romero Junior Male  14/07/2016
5m 11:26  Lyster Romero Youth Male  27/08/2015
10m 21:43 Matt O’Brien Male 12/05/2018
10m 24:08 Becky Ridge Women 05/08/2021
10m +6:28 Evert Wijnberg Vet on Std 25/08/2011
10m 23:06 Lyster Romero Junior Male 24/06/2016
10m 24:16 Lyster Romero Youth Male 09/07/2015
10m 29:13 Rebecca Figgitt Youth Female 13/06/2002
10m 21:55 Pete Whelan/Trevor Figgitt Male Tandem 06/05/1999

5m TT records from 2014 onwards. We think these are the best times, but  please let us know earlier claims and I’ll update.

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