Club TT 1st Jun-23

Despite it being June no one told the weather and it was a cold and slightly uninspiring evening.

The event used the 7.2 mile Wantisden course due to traffic lights near the roundabout of the 10 course.

With thanks to Damon Parker for sign on and time keeping, Pete Whelan for pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs and traffic light spotting.

Kyle ChurchGuestRoad00:20:34
Andy HawesPCCRoad00:21:29
John VidlerPCCRoad00:26:20
Pete HurryPCCTT00:16:44
Jim HardwickePCCTT00:17:33
Oly CooperPCCTT00:18:59
Stephen BeaumontPCCTT00:19:41

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