Club TT 9th May-25

Clear and sunny evening with little in the way of wind – there was a good turnout of riders for the event. Sadly, someone turn the heating off just before the start so it was a little chilly for the riders.

Racing with close just a second separation the two fastest TT riders, both called Matt – clearly something in the name.

Chapeau to Michael Kaye who was fastest road bike of the evening on his first attempt at the course and special recognition to Robert Treblecock who managed to go under 18 minutes on a gravel bike!

With thanks to Pete and Bev Whelan for sign on, Ross Fawcett and Kirsten Jacobs for time keeping, Nick Partridge for pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs.

DateLengthRiderClubMachine Time
09/05/20247.2Michael KayeGuestRoad00:17:31
09/05/20247.2Rober TreblecockPCCRoad00:17:54
09/05/20247.2Chris ParkerIBCRoad00:18:08
09/05/20247.2Steve CavePCCRoad00:18:16
09/05/20247.2Darren KayeGuestRoad00:20:26
09/05/20247.2Bella BrysonPCCRoad00:20:45
DateLengthRiderClubMachine Time
09/05/20247.2Matt O’BrienPCCTT00:15:53
09/05/20247.2Matt JacobsPCCTT00:15:54
09/05/20247.2Jim HardwickePCCTT00:17:03
09/05/20247.2Ant BirtPCCTT00:17:10
09/05/20247.2Trevor CaleyPCCTT00:18:33
09/05/20247.2Stephen BeaumontPCCTT00:19:27
09/05/20247.2Kevin BlakeyPCCTT00:19:28
09/05/20247.2Damon ParkerPCCTT00:19:43
09/05/20247.2David SawyerGuestTT00:20:11
09/05/20247.2Ade McTiguePCCTT00:21:52
09/05/20247.2Peter WilliamsonPCCTT00:23:48

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