Time Trials

We organise both ‘Club’ events which are open to all and are an ideal inroduction to racing whether in a club or not, and some ‘Open’ events which are open to cycling club members from any club (affiliated to the CTT).  All the Plomesgate courses we use for time trials are based around Tunstall and are described here.

For all our cycling events, you must wear a crash helmet and recommended to have a rear light.

Riders aged under 18 must have a signed parental consent form before riding a club TT. The form  is the valid for that complete season.

Club Time Trials

The club runs a series of time trials on Thursday evenings usually starting from the end of April running through to the end of Aug. The distance alternates between 5 and 10 miles distance. The calendar for this year is here.

How to enter a Plomesgate Club time trial…

The club 5 mile time trials are a good way to start time trialling, they are run on the same roads (just less of them!) as the 10 mile trial.  If you plan to ride, then arrive a good 20 mins before the start and remember you must have a crash helmet to ride.

There will be a someone at the start with a ‘signing on’ sheet where you’ll need to give your name, age and a contact number.  If you are a member of Plomesgate you entry to these events are included in your membership, if not we ask for £3 entry fee (we have to pay a levy to Cycling Time Trials Association for every rider). You’ll then be given a number to pin on your back (there’ll be people around to help do this).

Riders start at minute intervals and the first rider starts one minute after the event start time, so if you get number 5 and the event starts at 7pm (they all do except the fist and last which start at 6:45pm), you’ll start at 7:05.  Get to the start line a few minutes before your start time (there is usually a queue ready to go). When the rider before you starts, you go to the start line, at 30 seconds to go the ‘pusher’ will hold your bike so you can clip your feet into the pedals ready (if you have clip-in shoes and want to be held). You’ll then get a count down from 10 seconds. Then you’re off and enjoying (that’s not really the word) your first time trial.

As you pass the finish shout out your number (if you can) to help the timekeeper who will be recording the results. Make your way back to the start area, hand your number back. The results will be available shortly after the last rider finishes for you to see how you got on.

You’ll then think to yourself that you could have gone faster and already be planning to come to next event.

Open Time Trials

The club runs an ‘open’ 10 and 25 mile time trial. These are run at the weekend and must be entered at least 14 days before the event. They are open to any cycling club member and attract riders from across the region.

To enter an open time trial (ours or any other clubs) you need to enter online or download an entry form and post it the organiser. You can find events and the forms from the CTT site.

If you are a Plomesgate member entering an event, we are in the East(B) region.

Many members ride ‘Opens’ if you are thinking of giving one a try or would like to know more about them, ask any of us on a club ride or at an evening and we’ll help.

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