2021 Club Time Trials

Due to current COVID Government Legal rules and guidance it is now possible to run Time trial events after the 29th March.   PCC will be running the club evening TT events (Type B events) as of the 8th April.  The events will be run under COVID Secure protocols and following guidance from the CTT and our own Club risk assessment (available on request).

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL RIDERS.  Please do not attend if you feel the slightest bit unwell whether you display any COVID-19 symptoms or not! stay safe, stay at home and don’t ride. Please don’t risk yourself , others and possible future events. 

COVID regulations and risk assessment mean:-

  1. No standing around the start area without suitable social distancing
  2. No pusher for starting (one foot on the ground standing starts). From the 19th July if a pusher is available on the night they will ask the rider if they wish to be held, will be wearing a mask and will sanitise hands before and after the event or wear gloves.
  3. No results on the night.
  4. Timekeepers will keep their distance from riders.
  5. No spitting or snot rockets at any time
  6. Bring your own pins for your number.
  7. Numbers given out in order of sign-on
  8. Sign-on will be just your name written down by the sign-on person
  9. Return your number to the bucket after the ride.
  10. If you are not a member please bring exact money to put in the tin
  1. Be nice to others and give a good impression to the public that we are following the COVID guidance.

You can now ride to and from the event in groups of no more than 6

CTT Regulation 14(i) – Compulsory Use of Red Rear Light. Please read.  This applies to both Open events AND Club events! No working rear light, no TT.

CTT Regulation 15. Protective Helmets – All competitors under the age of 18 years and/or Juniors must wear a properly affixed helmet which must be of hard/soft shell construction. But we hope ALL riders will consider wearing a helmet if not for their own safety but those attending to any incidents.

All Riders under the age of 18 years will need a completed Parental consent form. You only need to fill this out once a year for any PCC events but must be completed and send a club official prior to the event or brought on the day and given to a club official. the form can be downloaded here. 

FREE entry for Plomesgate Club members and £4 for other riders except the last 4 events when it will be £5 for all riders, even Plomesgate members.

Date START TIME Sign-On closes Distance Course Register / Results
08/4/21 18:45 18:35 5   “Come & Try” B5/9 Results
15/4/21  18:45 18:35 10 “Come & Try” B10/9 Results
22/4/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try” B10/9 Results
29/4/21 19:00 18:50 5   “Come & Try” B5/9 Results
6/5/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try” B10/9 Results
13/5/21 19:00 18:50 5   “Come & Try” B5/9 Results
20/5/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try” B10/9 Results
27/5/21 19:00 18:50 5   “Come & Try It” B5/9 Results
3/6/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try It” B10/9 Results
10/6/21 19:00 18:50 5   “Come & Try” B5/9 Results
17/6/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try ” B10/9 Results
24/6/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try ” B10/9 Results
1/7/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try It” B10/9 Results
8/7/21 19:00 18:50 5   “Come & Try ” B5/9 Results
15/7/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try ” B10/9 Results
22/7/21 19:00 18:50 10 “Come & Try ” B10/9 Results
29/7/21 19:00 18:50 5 “Come & Try It” B5/9 Results
5/8/21 * 18:45 18:35 10   “Come & Try ” B10/9 Enter Here
12/8/21 * 18:45 18:35 10 “Come & Try ” B10/9 Enter Here
19/8/21 * 18:45 18:35 5   “Come & Try ” B5/9 Enter Here
26/8/21 * 18:45 18:35 5   “Come & Try ” B5/9 Enter Here

* The last 4 events form part of the Ipswich & District Cycle Association (IDCA) series. You must register and pay online to enter. See details of where to park here.

The last Event of the IDCA series is a fun 2UP Team Trial on the Henley course promoted by Ipswich Triathlon Club. 

31/8/21 6.30pm  5 Ipswich Tri Henley 5 (1 lap)

fun 5m  2up TT followed by Presentation of IDCA Trophies


All to be held on a Thursday evening (unless otherwise stated).  10 mile events to use the B10/9 course and 5 mile events to use ‘B5/9’ course (using the start of the B30/9R and then following the B10/9 route, finishing opposite the start).  In the event of road-works in Tunstall village, etc., we have an alternative 7.8 mile loop we can use via Wantisden, Butley, Chillesford.


Check the course weather for every thursday night at Mywindsock.com and look for Plomesgate CC

Timekeeping, Marshalling and Signage

Volunteers rota here

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