Saturday Training Ride

There is a training ride made up of various riders, not necessarily Plomesgate CC, that meet up on a Saturday morning. This ride is done entirely at your own risk and is not covered by any Plomesgate CC British Cycling event insurance. It is worthwhile having some form of insurance whilst out and about, e.g. British Cycling Race (silver of gold) or Commute membership; or Cycling UK membership.

These popular rides are ideal for getting in a few base miles in a group ride with the occasional excitement of a hill ‘prime’ or a sprint and a ‘through -and-off’ session. Distance is approx 35-50 miles depending on starting point and pace will be somewhere between 18 an 20 mph and often splits up towards the end as the pace quickens – be prepared to get dropped (and more determined to stay a bit further next time) – i.e know the route home and have repair kit, spare tubes and pump.

Meet us as follows:
0800 – Main Rd Kesgrave (St. Michael’s roundabout)
0820 – Melton crossroads
0900 – Framlingham (Bakery by the mini roundabout)
0925 – Saxmundham
1030 – Melton (2nd time)

A few hardy souls usually go out unless the weather is really bad.

This is the route.

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