15th June 2023 Club 10

A warm evening with a bit of a breeze, but very nice to have the temperatures a little higher

With thanks to Alan McGuire for sign on and time keeping, Daryl Butcher for pins and pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs

Peter WilliamsonPCCRoad00:32:23
John VidlerPCCRoad00:34:44
Ross FawcettPCCTT00:20:21
Matt O’BrienPCCTT00:22:08
Jim HardwickePCCTT00:23:36
Jonathan EvansPCCTT00:24:35
Derek GrantPCCTT00:25:30
Oly CooperPCCTT00:25:40
Kevin BlakeyPCCTT00:26:31
Damon ParkerPCCTT00:27:16
Stephen BeaumontPCCTT00:28:31

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