2014-07-10 Evening 10


Position Name Club Time
1 Nick Partridge Plomesgate CC 24.07
2 Stuart Fairweather Ipswich BC 25.17
3 Adrian McTigue Plomesgate CC 25.51
4 Steve Willett Plomesgate CC 26.12
5 Marshall Crowe Plomesgate CC 26.36
6 Trevor Caley Plomesgate CC 27.33
7 Daryl Butcher Wolsey RC 30.47


Not many people about this evening. I think the weather forecast put them off. It was cool and very breezy but not wet.

Most people reported an improvement to their times. Although Adrian was suffering from doing too many miles this week after cycling to Cambridge to see the Tour.

Many thanks to Chris Tye for timekeeping and Andy Whelan stepping up to be pusher.


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