8th June 2023 Club 5 TT

With thanks to Stu Fairweather for sign on and TK1, Ant Birt for TK 2, Kevin Blakey for pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs

Robin HawesPCCRoad00:12:10
Andrew HawesPCCRoad00:14:34
Lean WelfordPCCRoad00:15:02
Peter WilliamsonPCCRoad00:15:16
Pete HurryPCCTT00:11:27
Jim HardwickePCCTT00:11:47
Jonathan EvansPCCTT00:12:17
Dereck GrantPCCTT00:12:19
Oly CooperPCCTT00:12:42
Alan McGuirePCCTT00:12:54
Stephen BeaumontPCCTT00:12:54

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