Club 10 18th May-23

With thanks to Lloyd Chapman for sign one and time keeping, Pete Whelan for pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs.

A nicer day and evening saw a good turn out although the temperature quickly dropped once the time trial was over. Great to see a range of riders on road and TT bikes and from a number of clubs too.

Robert TrebilcockPCCRoad00:24:22
Andrew HawesPCCRoad00:30:05
Pete WilliamsPCCRoad00:32:24
Kristine HudsonPCCRoad00:32:58
Nick PartridgePCCTT00:22:03
Bash AndersonLV7 CCTT00:22:28
Stuart SuppleSole Bay CyclingTT00:23:29
Oskar EverettOrwell VeloTT00:24:05
Hannah O’BrienPCCTT00:24:23
Jim HardwikePCCTT00:24:35
Joe PurbrookArmy CyclingTT00:25:01
Jonathan EvansPCCTT00:25:20
Jason EverettSDCCTT00:26:14
Thomas HudsonPCCTT00:26:14
Abbey ThompsonPCCTT00:27:29
Steve BeaumontPCCTT00:27:45
Marshall CrowePCCTT00:28:42

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