Club 10 22nd June-23

A lovely evening with the wind dying down and temperature at the just about perfect for time trialling level – this meant a good turnout and some fast times.

We saw the 20 minute barrier being broken for the first time on this course and a new course record being set by Ross Fawcett. A great ride, well done Ross.

With thanks to Damon Parker for sing on and TK2, Bev Whelan for TK1, Pete Whelan for pushing off and Jim for signs.

Chris LordBrighton ExcelsiorRoad00:25:25
Steve WillettPCCRoad00:27:17
Kyle ChurchGuestRoad00:28:30
Daryl ButcherPCCRoad00:31:21
Pete WilliamsonPCCRoad00:32:13
John VidlerPCCRoad00:34:05
Ross FawcettPCCTT00:19:55
Matt O’BrienPCCTT00:21:08
Nick PartridgePCCTT00:21:22
Pete HurryPCCTT00:23:13
Jim HardwickePCCTT00:23:38
Chris ParkerIBCTT00:23:53
Trevor CaleyPCCTT00:24:16
Jonathan EvansPCCTT00:24:40
Derek GrantPCCTT00:25:15
Oly CooperPCCTT00:25:39
Amanda RadenGuestTT00:28:42

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