Club 5 12th May 2022

A warmer night meant for a good turn out. There was a head wind out and tailwind home.

Thanks to Jim Hardwicke for signs, Peter Williamson for sign on and spotting, Chris Tye for start time keeper and Matt O’Brien for finish time keeper.

It was close at the top with the fastest three riders separated by only 11s.

Andrew Hawes was the fastest of three riders on road bikes, breaking evens with a 14:02.

Special praise should be made to Albie Smith for fastest junior and we’re looking forward to seeing him improve on his time as the season progresses.

Lloyd chapmanPCCTT          10.37 
Stuart FairweatherPCCTT          10.45 
Nick PartridgePCCTT          10.48 
Jim HardwickePCCTT          11.30 
Pete HurryPCCTT          11.32 
Hannah O’BrienPCCTT          11.44 
Trevor CaleyPCCTT          12.07 
Mark HowlettPCCTT          12.09 
Ant BirtPCCTT          12.30 
Verity SmithPCCTT          12.34 
Damon ParkerPCCTT          12.36 
Stephen BeaumonthPCCTT          13.11 
Andrew HawesPCCRoad          14.02 
Cheryl TyePCCTT          14.48 
Albie SmithPCCRoad          15.28 
John VidlerPCCRoad          16.35 

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