Club 5 Mile TT 11-5-23

Any earlier rain had gone and the course was mainly dry. A good turnout and great to see some new faces riding.

With thanks to Pete Hurry for sign and TK1, Chris Tye for TK2, Nick Partridge for pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs.

Dom DaviesGuestRoad00:11:50
Robert TrebilcockGuestRoad00:11:55
Andy HawesPCCRoad00:14:31
Peter WilliamsonPCCRoad00:15:27
John VidlerPCCRoad00:16:16
Stu FairweatherPCCTT00:10:47
Matt O’BrienPCCTT00:10:47
Davina GreenwellPCCTT00:11:56
Jim HardwickePCCTT00:12:04
Will HawkinsPCCTT00:12:12
Tom HudsonPCCTT00:12:25
Kevin BlakeyPCCTT00:12:37
Damon ParkerPCCTT00:13:18

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