Club 5 TT 26th May 2022

It was a windy evening with the headwind out and tailwind home. There were 12 riders, eight on TT bikes and four road bikes.

Thanks to Stuart Fairweather for sign on and start TK, Ant Birt for finish TK, Daryl Butcher for pushing off and Jim Hardwicke for signs

1Lloyd ChapmanTT  10.38 
2Matt O’BrienTT  10.41 
3Nick PartridgeTT  10.53 
4Jim HardwickeTT  11.37 
5Chris TyeTT  11.46 
6Trevor CaleyTT  11.50 
7Hannah O’BrienTT  12.08 
8Chryl TyeTT  14.56 
1Robin HawesRoad  12.42 
2Andrew HawesRoad  14.18 
3Peter WilliamsonRoad  15.27 
4John VidlerRoad  16.27 

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