2020 Club Timetrial Results

The 2020 season was severely impacted due to Covid-19 pandemic and Government restrictions on social gathering, events and social distancing. PCC took the decision to suspend many club events during the year and the few events that did take place were run under additional restrictions and controls issued by the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) Association and following guidance after conducting our own risk assessment.

All 2020 were run as ‘fun’ events rather than forming part of any club trophies/awards or leagues.

COVID-19 Lockdown League – Virtual eve TTs

During the COVID-19 lockdown-1 period, instead of the Club TTs Ant Birt ran a Virtual ‘fun’ league and published weekly results based on the popular British Cycling Timetrial series on the Zwift training platform.

DateStart TimeCourseResults
9/4/20207:30pmYorkshire UCI Worldshere
16/4/20206:30pmThe Fan Flatshere
23/4/20206:30pmTempus Fugithere
30/04/20206:30pmGreatest London Flathere
7/05/20206:30pmQueens HighwayHere
14/05/20206:30pmThe Fan Flatshere
21/05/20206:30pmTempus Fugit
DateSTART TIMESign-On closesDistanceCourseResults
09/4/2018:4518:355   “Come & Try It”B5/9Cancelled
16/4/2018:4518:3510 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
23/4/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
30/4/2019:0018:505   “Come & Try It”B5/9Cancelled
7/5/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
14/5/2019:0018:505   “Come & Try It”B5/9Cancelled
21/5/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
28/5/2019:0018:505   “Come & Try It”B5/9Cancelled
4/6/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
11/6/2019:0018:505   “Come & Try It”B5/9Cancelled
18/6/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
25/6/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
2/7/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Cancelled
9/7/2019:0018:505   “Come & Try It”B5/9Cancelled
16/7/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Results
23/7/2019:0018:5010 “Come & Try It”B10/9Results
30/7/2019:0018:505 “Come & Try It”B5/9Results
6/8/20  *18:4518:3510   “Come & Try It”B10/9Results
13/8/20 *18:4518:3510 “Come & Try It”B10/9Results
20/8/20 *18:4518:355   “Come & Try It”B5/9Results
27/8/20 *18:4518:355   “Come & Try It”B5/9Results

* The last 4 events formed part of the Ipswich & District Cycle Association (IDCA) series

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